Monday, September 13, 2010

Scout Awards

J's troop recently had an awards night. J advanced in rank and earned 4 merit badges. S gave out some of the awards and shared his appreciation on being educated about the benefit of sock liners. They can make or break a 12 mile hike.

Triathalon and Fun Run

J again participated in a triathalon recently. He got 2nd in his age catagory. S participated in the fun run. Just when the fun run finished, the sky OPENED UP and we got soaked! So glad that the events were able to take place before the deluge!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

These posts are out of order. Sorry.

After dinner we went back to check the floats and found two more large fish. The last one and bigger one was MAD!

Fun day at the lake

After jug fishing, we beached the boat and grilled hotdogs for dinner. When the sun went down, it got cold. I was so glad that we brought sweatshirts.

Redneck fishing adventure pays off!

We went to the lake and took a friend with us to go "jug fishing". We caught over 16 lbs of catfish. It was soooo fun to see the float start bobbing up and down when there was a fish on the hook.