Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spring Break

Last photo: This is one of the rocket engines that my dad used to crawl inside to do maintenance. The cover has been removed so you can see inside. It was inside of one of these that he got his boot stuck on a bolt and broke his ankle.

We took a weekend trip to Huntsville over spring break. We visited the space and rocket center, some family and some friends who we met on our journey to China (actually in line at the China Southern Airlines counter in the LA airport). They are a nice, fun family. We enjoyed catching up with them and seeing how well the daughter they adopted has acclimated to their family. I just love to hear her tell a story in her precious animated manner.

The rocket center was amazing. We were able to take J's friend along with us for the day. We really enjoyed her company.

My parents worked on the missle program and Saturn rocket so it was particularly interesting. Nana had several stories to share along the way.

I made sure to book a hotel with an indoor and outdoor pool. Sarah had her first swim (that we know of) and enjoyed it. She was NO sissy. Daddy would dunk her all the way under the water and she never cried (just a little surprised.)

Mommy naps with her furry little girl.

Sarah enjoys her first oreo.

Is Nana smarter than a fifth grader?

J makes it to the top of the climbing wall.