Saturday, April 3, 2010

Amish/Mennonite Auction

Today was the annual non-motorized farm implement auction. There were thousands of folks there. Along with farm equipment for sale, there are all sorts of poultry and rabbits. There were puppies and plants, boots and baskets, hand tools and honey. At any time, there were at least three auction rings going.

It's a really neat experience. We did not buy any bantan roosters, pheasants, ducks, guinea hens, fighting cocks, geese or peacocks (okay, there was only ONE peacok to purchase - I exaggerate.) We settled for some tomato plants, a jar of honey and multiple desserts.

Art award

J was recently chosen as one of 500 (out of 20,000) students for a local award.

Here is an end-of-season photo of the team.

Arrow of Light

J recently earned his Arrow of Light award and transitioned from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. We are very proud of him and he's on the road to some new and exciting adventures.