Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Report

Well, it's taken a few days to get the Christmas report together. We had a quiet Christmas at home. J unwrapped his gifts pretty quickly. He got a Wii and we've all had fun playing it. Quite frankly, my arm is sore from playing tennis. :)

Sarah was so overwhelmed with gifts (and still not feeling great) that it took three days to open all of her gifts. I suppose she's never seen so much stuff.

Doggie got a mallard duck that intimidated her with its realistic quack. It took four days for her to warm up to it. As of today, she's almost destroyed one wing. She runs through the house with it in her mouth and shakes it.

Sarah has also learned to mimic our table prayer. She folds her hands and babbles for a while, then ends with an enthusiastic "amen"!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Tree Inspector for Hire

Anyone wanting their Christmas tree inspected can hire Sarah. She's been practicing a lot.

Unfortunately she won't be available for a while. She's gotten a nasty cold. Friday I took her to the doctor who gave her antibiotics because we were planning to go to Florida for Christmas. Friday night she was up with a 103 degree fever. She was better Saturday a.m. but her temperature began to creep up as the day went on. It's like having a newborn. You just don't know what Sarah being sick means - will she get seriously sick fast? Does she run a temp often? Or only when she's really really sick? We're sad that she's sick and sad that our trip got cancelled.

She slept through the night Saturday night. No fever so far, but she's just not herself. She just wants to lay on people and whine. Also she refused to eat lunch (definitely not herself.) Poor little squirt.

I've included a photo of J's Christmas program from school. He looked so handsome in his sport coat.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Rainy Saturday

On a rainy Saturday morning, there is nothing better to do than sit with your brother and watch cartoons......

Or play cars in your room (Sarah's car has a quiet motor - It must be a hybrid.)...

Or read a card from Nana.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


These pictures are a few days old but this is our first "playdate" home. Sarah had a playdate with ER in China, but this was lots more fun! There were MANY more toys and the food was outstanding! Thanks friends!

The last photo is our first attempt at hugging a friend. No one was injured. :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sad news

It is with deep regret that I must report the passing of J's beta fish, Cooper. He was a good fish. Quiet, but good. J requested that we give Cooper a proper funeral and bury him out back. I suppose that helps him process the death of my father this year. I think we'll wait on getting any new critters for at least a little while.

December 11

Dear Melanie and all you other folks asking when the blog will be updated,

We've had a busy few weeks. J was in the Christmas Parade on Dec 2. He was early in the parade so he got to finish and join Sarah and me to watch the rest of the parade. She was bundled up and looked like a blanket with just a little head sticking out.

Last week school was just a bunch of field trips. I was forever busy washing the official field trip shirt.

Saturday we had our small group Christmas dinner at a bed and breakfast in the next small town over. The food and the company were outstanding. The couple that sat next to me brought the most exquisite bottle of wine.

J had his birthday party Sunday afternoon at the skating rink. Much fun was had by all and no bones were broken. We're seriously thinking about celebrating his next birthday 6 months early at the pool this summer.

Sunday, J pushed Sarah around in his Build-a-Bear dog bed. She thought it was great fun - what a creative brother she has!

We're headed into the homestretch of the holiday season - 5 days of school left.